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Hello! I'm Synthia
It’s time for a new perspective!
I coach leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs to authentically address their most pressing challenges, have difficult conversations and navigate uncertainty…
even if what used to work no longer does.
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Providing access to breakthrough thinking, innovation and performance since 1995

Executive Coaching

Learn more in less time and bring out your best ideas with my targeted coaching and thought partnership.

Team Coaching

High performing teams are no longer enough: ensure your team is aligned on creating high stakeholder value.

Organizational Consulting

Is your organization ready for change? I work integrally to pinpoint issues and support you in leading change.


Need a custom workshop, meeting or retreat? I've designed and facilitated hundreds.

Mastermind Groups

Gain insights, strategies and professional relationships with leaders outside your division, company or industry.

Learning Labs

Hone your leadership skills in a collaborative group learning cohort blended with 1:1 coaching.


Are we a good fit? I collaborate with colleagues to develop and deliver joint offerings and products.

VIP Breakthrough Day

Ready for deep one-on-one transformation? Includes values, goals, subconscious transformation and customized outcomes.

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“As human beings, we all share the same neurophysiology, fundamental concerns and aspirations. And yet who you are and what you want to bring into being is totally unique. In the same way, my work is globally applicable and highly adaptable.”
Synthia Smith - Leadership Expert, Executive Coach, International Consultant, Mindfulness Expert and Dynamic Workshop Leader

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